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A little bit about myself...


I’m Cameron Wickes, a third year student studying CyberSecurity at the University of Warwick.

My journey into infosec started a while back, when a friend introduced me to an online cybersecurity course. Having loved Computer Science throughout my seven years at secondary school, I immediately jumped at the idea had completed the course within a couple of days.

I am always trying to expand my knowledge of the subject, in whatever form that may be, but I am particularly interested in developing areas such as User Behaviour and Entity Analytics, or Malware Analysis using Machine Learning. I find this stuff really cool!

Python is my go-to programming language, due to its flexibility and speed, but I have a background in VB.NET, and am currently learning C and Rust. I enjoy solving problems with a creative approach, which is why the unlimited possibilities of coding appeal to me, but cybersecurity also allows me to delve into advanced theoretical and academic topics, which I find highly stimulating.

Through HMG and the SANS institute, I got the chance to participate in and complete the SANS SEC504 and SEC503 courses, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I hope to get the chance to participate in more events like these over the coming years.

This blog serves as a space to share and collate my personal learning experiences as I progress in the field, in the hopes to provide a space where up and coming enthusiasts can find relevant material.

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